Our Team

Dr. Laura Bay-Williams


Dr. Laura Bay-Williams graduated from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in May 1999. She has been practicing at Van Stavern Small Animal Hospital since 2001. Dr. Bay has a special interest in surgery, feline and canine preventative medicine, dentistry and ultrasound.

Dr. Joseph Swartz


Dr. Joseph Swartz graduated from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in May 2016. He started as a veterinary assistant at Van Stavern Small Animal Hospital in 2010, and has returned to join the Van Stavern Small Animal Hospital team as a veterinarian. Dr. Swartz has a special interest in dentistry, surgery, canine and feline preventative medicine, and feline nutrition. In his free time he enjoys movie nights, outdoor activities, and spending time with his wife and daughter Audrey as well as his two cats, Aces and Hobbes. Dr. Swartz and our veterinary staff look forward to seeing you and your pets in the future.

Dr. Jessica Outmon


We are happy to announce the addition of Dr. Jessica Outmon to our veterinary team. Dr. Outmon earned her veterinary degree from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in May of 2019. She has a special interest in feline and canine preventative medicine, pet nutrition, and dentistry.

Dr. Outmon worked at Van Stavern Small Animal Hospital while getting her undergraduate degree and is familiar with many of our patients.


DIORELLA, Head Veterinary Assistant

Diorella graduated from A&M in 2001 with a degree in Animal Science. Diorella previously worked at Van Stavern Small Animal Hospital in 2000 and started working with us again in October of 2006. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets. Diorella has a boxer named Harper and a German Shepherd named Hugo.


LESLIE, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Leslie is a graduate from Blinn’s Veterinary Technology Program and has been a Licensed Veterinary Technician since September 2013. Leslie has a passion for rescuing animals. She has three cats: Rowan, who was abandoned at 5 days old, Lt. Dan Taylor, a sweet three-legged kitty, and Jellybean, who was bottle raised. When Leslie isn’t hard at work she enjoys volunteering with SIRE, a therapeutic horseback riding program, as well as maintaining a tropical fish aquarium.


RENEE, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Renee is a a licensed veterinary technician and has been a major asset to our technician team. She graduated from Bel-Rea Institute in 2009 and has worked in Colorado and Germany before her time here at Van Stavern Small Animal Hospital. Renee enjoys running and spending time with her family, but her baking skills are what we love the most!

ALISHA, Veterinary Assistantadfa

Alisha is a dedicated member of the Van Stavern Team. She is a Texas A&M
'13 graduate and has made College Station her home. In her free time she enjoys early morning runs with her dog Reggie and spending time with her family.


STACEY, Veterinary Assistant

Stacey is a valuable asset to our practice. She not only loves and cares for our pets and clients, but she also helps take care of our inventory. When she is away from the office she enjoys reading, video games and playing with her adorable dogs Ginger (the feisty one) and Nilla (the playful one).

DUSTIN, Veterinary Assistant

Dustin is our resident handyman. He has 7 Miniature Australian Shepherds and helps manage a ranch during his downtime.

ROCKY, Veterinary Assistant

Rocky started as a kennel assistant in high school before entering the Marine Corps after graduation. After 4 years in the military he was honorably discharged in 2015. He began working as a veterinary assistant in Waller in 2017 and joined the Van Stavern team in January of 2019. Rocky is going to Texas A&M for a bachelors in animal science to pursue a career in reproduction of white-tail and exotic deer. Rocky shares 3 dogs with his fiance: Wyatt, Finn, and Izzy.


GRACE, Veterinary Assistant

Grace is in her final semester of Bachelor of Science in biomedical science with a minor in business at A&M, and plans to apply to the veterinary school. She has a 2 year old calico cat named Kallie and a 5 month old golden retriever named Riggs. Her hobbies include playing soccer at TAMU, reading, trying different types of coffee and online shopping.

JESSICA, Veterinary Assistant

Jessica is working on a Bachelors at Texas A&M with the ultimate goal of a doctorate in veterinary medicine. She has lots of furry family: 4 Australian Shepherds and 3 ferrets. She enjoys reading, swimming, volleyball, and traveling, and is musically inclined; she plays piano and violin. Jessica is originally from Maryland, but lived in Rockwall, Texas before joining us in College Station.

AMBER, Veterinary AssistantAmber

Amber is a recent Biomedical Sciences graduate from Texas A&M University. She started as a kennel assistant and is now working in reception, and is training towards becoming a veterinary assistant here in the hospital. She lives with a Golden Retriever named Abby, and owns a small Boston Terrier named Bojo. In her free time she likes to work with large animals and play guitar.

TAYLOR, Kennel Assistant

Taylor is studying Animal Science at Texas A&M and is in her senior year. When she isn't hard at work or studying, she enjoys playing basketball and volleyball, and spending time with her Golden Retriever Milly.

IVIE, Kennel Assistant

Ivie comes to us from Midland, TX and is majoring in Biomedical Science. She has one dog, Astro, and three guinea pigs: Lillie, Tillie, and Millie. She enjoys crafts such as candle making, coloring, and baking.

BLAKE, Kennel Assistant

PARIS, Kennel Assistant

Paris joined us in Summer 2020 after previously volunteering, and is working towards her Veterinary Technician license.

REID, Reception & Kennel Assistant

Reid is an Animal Science major at Texas A&M and will be graduating in 2019. In his spare time he enjoys skateboarding, hiking, and playing guitar. He has two cats - Boots and Joffery.

KATJA, Reception & Veterinary Assistant

Katja recently graduated from Texas A&M with a Bachelor's in Animal Science and her ultimate goal is to be a small exotic veterinarian. When she isn't working, she enjoys playing video games and watching true crime thrillers. She also enjoys spending time with her three cats and three rats.

EMILY, Receptionist

ASHLEY, Receptionist


DARLA, Resident Feline

Darla invited herself into an employee's car one day and has been with us ever since! She is our beloved door greeter and "head supervisor". You may notice that she makes some funny faces at you - she can't help it! A few missing teeth give her a charming "Elvis lip" smile. She is quite friendly, and petting is welcome but please do not pick her up.

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