Pet Boarding

  • Trained and caring kennel assistants monitor your pet extensively and address any issues directly with a doctor.
    • All activity (appetite, water intake, urination, bowel movements, attitude) are electronically recorded for the entirety of your pet's stay.
  • All pets' belongings are labeled and stored in their own private bin.
    • Bedding and bowls are provided.
    • A sensitive stomach diet is also provided if you forget to bring your pet's regular diet, or would prefer they eat our kennel diet.
    • Additional foods are offered if appetite decreases during their stay.
  • Patients are medicated free of charge for boarding stress induced conditions.
  • Please alert our staff if your pet has any behavioral problems such as a tendency to eat bedding, food aggression, or animal aggression so that we may ensure their safety.

Boarding Exam

All boarding animals must have had a physical exam at our hospital within the past year. The boarding exam allows your pet to have a well established doctor-patient relationship with our veterinarians in case your pet becomes ill during their stay. This also allows our veterinary staff to be well aware of your pet's history and medical issues and helps ensure they will be treated with quality care during their stay.

The doctor will perform a comprehensive physical exam where we will evaluate your pet from the tip of their nose to the end of the tail.

Canine Boarding

Feline Boarding

Vaccination Requirements for Dogs:

Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper (DHPP) vaccinations must be up to date.

Vaccination Requirements for Cats:

Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations must be up to date.

Canine Facility Information:
  • Supervised time outside 3 times a day.
  • Dogs from different families are let out separately.
  • You may request that your own pets go out together.
  • Complimentary bath if your pet stays more than one night.
  • Canine patients are separated by size.

Feline Facility Information:
  • Feline patients are housed in a separate boarding space in order to reduce their stress.

Tours of the kennel facility are available during business hours Monday - Friday.

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